Supermarket Mania

Supermarket Mania

Supermarket Mania is a fantastic time-management game
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Supermarket Mania is a fantastic time-management game in which you play a stock girl at Torg Supermarket. Basically, your job is to keep the shelves of the supermarket stocked, so that the customer can get whatever they want without losing patience. All the customers have different personalities, food tastes and patience levels, and they include common people, movie stars and teenagers. Some customers are more demanding and impatient than others, so you have to be very quick and keep them satisfied with well stocked shelves. You also must clean up any trash that your customers may throw and drop it in the recycle bin. In addition to this, you also have to be alert on thieves, and if you catch one stealing, you get a bonus cash reward. The game includes 50 levels and 5 different shopping centers, and each of them feature good graphics and a nice music. Each level offers different challenges that include catching most thieves, satisfy demanding movie stars, etc. It includes lot of upgrades, some of them can be purchased between levels, but it lacks a built-in system for making combos and only includes a few power-ups. Unlike other similar time-management games, Supermarket Mania is not really challenging, but it will certainly keep you entertained for a few hours.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of upgrades. Good graphics and sounds. Different challenges and great variety of levels


  • Not really challenging. No combos system and limited power-ups
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